DRAGONFLY PRESS PUBLISHING was formed several years ago with the goal of providing a platform for my own work and the projects that I have a hand in developing. We have recently renewed this vision and hope that you will follow along with us as we evolve.

The Authors

Ana Maria Selvaggio. “Dragonfly” is a nickname that has resonated with me for a long time. Like it’s water sign, it signifies adaptability and skill in endeavors. I love what I do and enjoying sharing that passion for creativity with others.

Val Michael Selvaggio. My husband @pauperknight is the linguist in our family and a writer as well. Holding a Masters in Curriculum and Instructional Development, he is a whiz with any language including English, and is the second set of eyes for most of my projects. Being able to work with him is a joy and we hope that love shines through what you see here.

Our Goals

Our biggest goal is to create and encourage more beauty in the world that my daughter @rockpaperfox is growing up in. We love taking on projects that are creative in all mediums and where we can incorporate our own passions. Food, travel, children, education, and living life in a more creative way daily are what is incorporated into our own personal goals and we look forward to sharing that with you here.

AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR (unless otherwise noted)

Insect Haiku – Originally published in 2013, a revised copy is being released Summer 2016.

The Owl and the Mermaid – 4th grade reading level, February 2016 release.

A Cat Named Pillow – Children’s, Spring 2016 release.
A Dog Named Socks – Children’s, Spring 2016 release.

Clementine’s Garden – Children’s, Spring 2016 release.
Scarecrow’s New Hat – Children’s, Fall 2016 release.

The Shawl Monster – 2016 release. Illustrated by M. Ysabel Seaton.


Kraft Paper Muse, 2006. Handmade zine. 2013, professionally printed (now digital) magazine.
Beyond Sleep & Dreams, 2000- 2003. Handmade zine, 7 staff writers.
Three Dollar Squirrel, writers zine. 2001-2006, 2013 (digital magazine). Available on Etsy.

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL
“How the Ottoman Empire Started”. Editor’s Choice Poetry Award, issue 5.
“Unrecumbent”. Mixed media, issue 5.
“M is for Museum Mammoth” Illustration, Editor’s Choice Award, issue 5. Also used as header image online.
“Skyrooted”. Illustration, issue 6.
“Dormant”. Macro photography, issue 6.

Alternate Realities, nationally-distributed paranormal publication (now defunct), 1996.
Two nonfiction articles. Art Director, Editor and Publishing Assistant. Mac-based.

National Audubon Society publication, staff writer. 1993-1996.


REMNANT: A Cornelius Book
Val Michael Selvaggio, with Ana Maria Selvaggio
A centuries-old Church Inquisitor roams Europe in search of four artifacts that could change the fate of his order and the world. Seeking to protect their investment, the Church assigns him a bodyguard, a corrupted assassin that he made and abandoned in a previous life that has her own agenda.
Status: Currently editing. As we are self-publishing on CreateSpace, we made the decision to register an ISBN through them in order to take advantage of the Libraries & Academic Institutions distribution channel. Dragonfly Press Publishing will continue to be the go to space for information on this title as we continue to promote it.

Ana Maria Selvaggio
A graduate student returns home to lay his father’s remains to rest and discovers that there was more than just family living in the house he grew up in.
Status: Script being converted to novel.

ODONATIA (working title)
Ana Maria Selvaggio, writing as C.T.Blackstone
An island in the mid Atlantic is the keeper of secrets for its inhabitants and an outsider chasing the remnants of a 200-year old ghost.
Status: Editing. Looking to publish as a novel, but will also have the film script and gaming documents.

Ana Maria Selvaggio
Status: Currently in progress.

Ana Maria Selvaggio, publishing as Renmeleon

Status: Completed. Cover in redesign.

A snarky board-book remake of the classic with illustrations by Renmeleon.
Status: Written, illustrations in progress. Printer found. Kickstarter planned for late May.

Status: Working on storyline. Book one of two so far; the second book being “A Dog Named Socks”.

Status: Working on storyline. Book one of two so far; the second book being “A Dog Named Socks”.

Status: Clementine is making her first appearance on the cover of Kraft Paper Muse’s Sustainability issue. Working out some issues with the storyline through storyboarding. Clementine’s look finalized.

Status: Storyboarding and character designs completed. Illustrations in progress.

GANOMIES (gah-no-mees aka gnomes)
Created as a support piece for a Kickstarter campaign for the Once Upon a Cause project.
Status: Storyboarded.


I Have a Glass
Ana Maria Selvaggio
More of a workbook than a memoir, House of Tea and Paper explores the healing qualities of art through play and various projects compiled by a 14-year LE survivor and Advocate.
Status: Compiling.


Geared toward creatives who work toward merging the digital and analog sides of their lives into a more creative whole. The magazine is being made available to read free on the site.
Status: On hold.