Recovering from Zombie Attack

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated…zombies have, however, eaten my brain.

This has pretty much been my slogan for the last three months, it has been interesting times to say the least. Not bad, per se, just overloaded and not in a good, artful way. I have been feeling very much like I am standing, glued into one spot on the beach, with a child-size broom and orders to get rid of all the sand. Um, yea…not gonna happen. So, my new slogan is…”Breathe.”

Slowly but surely catching up on all my swaps and projects. Not as expedited as I would like, but I will get there. Family comes first though, as it should.

I had a little reminder recently though that I could not ignore…

My hitchhiker tonight...

[ Click him for the full story; very funny, very meaningful. ]

Updates on all fronts are forthcoming and have been busting at the seams on this end waiting for me to get them out. My muse is burning brightly again :::joyous dance::: and threatening to scorch out my insides if I don’t spend more time at my studio so I am listening to her and working hard again.

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