NoWri: Day 5

The word count, so far, looks like this:

Day 1: Zilch-o-rama. Brain is vapor, too much to do. Tuesdays are ‘analog’ so I’ll get a good start then.

Day 2: 400, need quiet to focus.

Day 3: 3189, wrote 6 pages longhand on looseleaf, blogged it here.

Day 4: 5084, expounded on the looseleaf transcription and filled in the gaps.

Today, day 5: 6,057 as of a little after 1pm today.

Spent most of the morning capturing ideas that I wanted to incorporate. Timeline was a big hangup for me so I started working on an outline of sorts. The outline has the normal layout, but there are points that spread out into complete dialogue or full scene layouts that I gratefully accepted as they came. Hoping that happens more often but I have a lot to work with right now so it’s cool.

Plot is forming and unfolding its wings. Knew my beginning and wrote my entire first chapter first. Reacquainted myself with Caitlyn and went, “Oh crap. That wasn’t how it happened, I forgot that. Grrr. How am I going to work that out.” Simple: Set it aside, ignore it’s existence. Come back to it. DON’T edit.

I know how my main character Caitlyn is going to handle things but no clue about the rest. Ok, I’m lying. I have no clue, in truth, how Caitlyn is going to handle it since she is already developing some personality quirks I’d not seen before. You think you know a person…

Caitlyn is an old LARP character of mine; LARP is “live action roleplay”. Basically, as I have been quoted in print, it is “Interactive Impromptu Theatre”. I made her as a ‘one night wonder’, storyline fodder for the night’s game. You know…go in, throw a few plot twists to mess with people, get gacked and build another character for the next game…

Fat chance.

I played Caitlyn for over a year.

I have never had so much fun as a character actor in my life. She was nationally known by people I had never even spoken to. There was always a little bit of pride mixed in with the unnerving feeling I got meeting people from other parts of the state/country for the first time. I never got used to hearing “OH!! YOU’RE Caitlyn!”

Caitlyn had depth and her background was fun to research. Writing and developing character backgrounds has always been a greta love of mine and it has been a HUGE help with participating in NaNoWriMo. I learned a lot about (various parts of) history and even about myself in the time that I spent with her.

It has been like having an old friend come stay for a long visit. So much to talk about. hehe Decidely, I am leaving the storytelling to Caitlyn since she knows what’s going on. I am just along for the ride apparently so I might as well kick back and enjoy the show. hehe

Ok, back to the storyboard, literally!

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