My new look

Renmeleon is going through a metamorphosis you might have noticed. I’ve not had the time, or taken the time, in the past to update the site the way I want it. No more excuses.

I’ve started changing things on the actual site, little changes that most of you won’t notice other than smoother accessibility, but I have also changed the banner and background to reflect the more earthy side of me. This year is my year for grounding and getting serious about my goals.

I have always spent more time on projects for others than my own. I’d built seven sites for clients and friends before ever even building my own when I first got involved with web design. With everything going on last year – health, family stuff and projects – I let mine to go by the wayside again. I have over 500 designs, with over 100 of them as greeting cards that I have sold retail and wholesale, locally and abroad, for more than 10 years now. Why didn’t you ever know that? Because I don’t even have them on my site. I’ve never taken the time for me to do that for myself. No more!

I want to be able to do more charity work.
To do that I need more freelance work.
To get more freelance work I need to have a site that is more me and more professional.

…it is that whole dreaded “need money to make money” scenario essentially. I still need 28 hour days though. Don’t really want to move to Alaska.

So keep checking back for the changes and I will keep updating you guys here!

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