Feeling Halloweeny?

It is that time of year again! The cool winds are beckoning me to travel to my favorite haunts, clouds rolling by in the clear blue sky above. Fall through the new year’s dawning is when I feel most alive. Living in Florida you would think it would be summer, but no, I long for leaves the color of fire and a cool wind to carry me north to someplace snowy. So it is with these thoughts in mind that I begin my transformation…and Clementine’s.

Clementine prides herself in being stylish. She is a princess so it is expected of her as well. For the holidays she enjoys dressing up in all manner of costume. This year she has chosen to combine several of her favorites – witch, vampire, and Frankenstein – all while trying to help raise breast cancer awareness.

You too can Feel Halloweeny! I will be adding more goodies to the cauldron this week so make sure you bookmark the page and keep checking back. Lots of ghoulish surprises in store!

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