eBay auction reposted!

Had a little hiccup on the Artistamp Album I had posted on eBay. They pulled it because I had mentioned donating part of the proceeds to charity (which I am) without going through their Mission Fish program which also keeps a percentage.

The auction has been reposted: Limited Edition Collaborative Artistamp Book

The reserve price for this item is 100.00 as it is the only copy available of 15 in existence.

A breakdown of where the proceeds will be going:

…20% will be going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

…30% will be going toward supplies for items that I will be making and donating/ selling to help further breast cancer awareness

…30% will go toward funding supplies for more Renmeleon collaborative projects throughout the year for those who want to participate

…20% will go toward postage for the Guardian Artist Angel program I just joined

Please pass this information along to as many people as you can who you think might be interested.

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