Forward momentum

I am doing a bit of catching up. God willing, I’ll have new equipment when we get our tax return back. It’s been a crazy few of months fighting tech withdrawals and restructuring things. Till then, to stay sane, I’m going through a renewal process…


I enjoy blogging, but have seriously neglected the discipline necessary to do it. I switched to MailChimp Snap and Instagram this past year, catching photos on the fly while living my life. Blogging took up too much time, but I enjoy doing it, so I am going back to a once a week post to tie in Instagram and my newsletter. Having the structured time in place will help me focus and I look forward to getting back into the habit of sharing things with you all. I’ll be sharing more of my process as well as teaching workshops and I have started a Patreon account that I will post on the 1st.


I ‘m revamping my Etsy shop and will relaunch March 10th with new designs and new products. I have a local printer working with me now, my in-house printer in need of replacement, and I was delayed on delivering one of my last orders so I want to make sure I have what I need.


I have been using Behance as a portfolio of sorts for a while now. I’m not actively looking for work, but it is nice to have a central place to send people when they ask to see my work and I do occasionally submit work for shows. I am consolidating things, pulling things in under this main Renmeleon site – Dragonfly Press Publishing, Gumtree Graphic Rubber (stamps), Kraft Paper Muse, Three Dollar Squirrel – and any other miscellaneous bits of me floating around with exception to my health and wellness blog (that I will be updating soon now that I am back in LE therapy).


Thank you so much for being here. 2017 is a year of new ideas and opportunities. Aside from the lack of laptop and illness after Christmas, we have been really blessed and life is good.