You never know where you will end up

I got a bit of a shock yesterday. I got an email from MTV Playground requesting one of my Moleskine images – “Frida Celebrates”, one of my newest ones – for their global events coming up. There was a link to their site in the email so I went to check it out and found my profile on their front page!!!

081309_FridaCelebrates_blogIt cycles through, but my profile is on their Featured gallery page for the time being and I wanted to share the good news since the set they have chosen is my Moleskine spreads. What is funny is that I did not realize I had a profile on their site.

I found out that they apparently have a relationship with/to Behance; it was my Behance profile up there, which I had just updated with that set. It really goes to show you just how much smaller the world is getting and that you never know where you will end up.

On a side note, Flickr (and apparently now Behance) are turning out to be mainstays for client traffic for me. I have gotten more freelance work and exposure from people looking through my work on Flickr than I think I have on my own site. I have also noticed that there are a lot of people using Flickr as an actual portfolio. I think it is awesome considering Flickr has several “rules” about it being for photographers and not artists.

Regardless, creativity is flowing there.

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