The secret to French Cuisine is butter.

I rescued my beloved from work this afternoon, change of clothes in tow, and told him we were grabbing food before he took me to a movie. We had talked about going to see Julie & Julia earlier this week, I have been wanting to see it when I’d first seen the trailer, but we had not made specific plans yet.

Meryl Streep was absolutely fantastic, portraying Julia brilliantly, making you love her and want to rush home to dig out your cookbooks. We left hungry for the recipes and for more of the movie. I have always ached to see Paris; its architecture, its people, and the movie made you feel like you were there with Julia. Meryl is sure to walk with some awards for this one.

Stanley Tucci ages like a fine wine. Bluntly, the man is hot. Playing Julia’s husband, he was respectful of the part and brought passion to the role. I have always enjoyed Stanley as an actor. He is very good at what he does and has played everything from Robin Goodfellow (Puck) in Midsummer Night’s Dream to his newest film, The Lovely Bones, that we saw the trailer for; he is playing the villain. It looks good, despite his toupe, so we will be going to see that as well.

Amy Adams was adorable as always and the whole story made me smile. She was funny, real, and made you admire Julie’s determination and perseverance. Amy brought a sensitivity to it that made it easy to relate to and love her.

We laughed, we cried in joy and sadness, and we came away with a special place in our hearts for a woman who was truly ground breaking in her own way. Julia Child was a force to be reckoned with and she truly did change the world.

The real Julie Powell has apparently gotten mixed reviews amongst the foodie crowd in the blogging community. I have not read her blog, in fact I had not even heard of it till I’d seen the movie. Some love her and some hate her though, that is apparent. One thing I do know though is that I would like to read the book her character was reading about Julia’s life; it was mentioned that her letters to her sister and friend, as well as her husband Paul’s letters to his brother, made it to print.

Overall the movie was fabulous and I would enjoy seeing it again before it leaves the theaters.  It has also made me want to post my own recipes as well so you might see a few here in the future. In the meantime, go see Julie & Julia, we loved it.

Hmm…now what to make for dinner.

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