Giving it over

“Whatever you’re doing inside of me
it feels like chaos, but somehow there’s peace”

I woke up this morning in a lot of pain. I have been dealing with an abscessed tooth for about three weeks now and, though I am on antibiotics and have had a full exam, many grateful thanks to Dr. Cayia at Baylee Dental, one of my clients, I really need to have both offending teeth removed and will not be right till they are. Working freelance has been an amazing experience, one that I continue to enjoy, but the pay is a hazard as it is good but sporadic and with the economy the way it is, there never seems to be enough when I need it.

My best friend Laurel and I are sisters in many ways. We share our loves of art and writing, and she has always been a great help to me on all levels. If I were ever to have been blessed with a sister in my life, a true kindred, it is her. This past week she offered me encouragement and help with some witchy goodness she had found.

I am an eclectic Christian…which basically means that I am “too pagan for the Christians and too Christian for the pagans”. I use cues in my daily life to remind me to be prayerful and, at times when I have one, I have an altar that is my quiet space, reminding me to take a moment to say thank you and keep the people in mind that are on my prayer list. I consider myself a natural witch and I believe that God has given us so many things to be thankful and to use to better our lives.

The lovely Laurel made up a mixture of the ingredients that I needed in order to work the spell, things like cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamon, nutmeg and ground ginger in measured amounts. The spell that goes with it was simple but it was allowable to write your own so…

Money simmer in the air,
Money shimmer everywhere!


Fire to water, water with earth,
Money simmer, air give birth.
Financial gain bring harm to none,
Solutions and a bit of fun.
This prayer I offer, resolutions asked,
with these words the spell is cast.

Just doing the spell made me feel better, taking action to give it to God and take it off my shoulders. I know that I was heard and my house smells wonderful. LOL I have gone back in over the last hour to stir the air with it and carried the simmering pan throughout my home in order to spread it, saying little prayers along the way as well as repeating the spell. Everything just fell into place. Despite the buys both being home they were sleeping in, despite my daughter being awake she was working on homeschool in the living room which kept her distracted; I had quiet that I normally do not get and it was amazing. I needed a small pan and the kitchen was a wreck. I haven’t been keeping up with the house with the pain I have been in and, miraculously, the one pan I needed to cast was actually clean. Of course, it was the ONLY thing clean but I am dealing with that next.

After I cast the spell, I started noticing things when I went to check my email. Now I realize that

I got a link from inspiration Paulette Insall whose blog I follow and was introduced to Sanctus Real. Funny how things seem to fall into place…

Sanctus Real’s “Whatever You’re Doing”

You can find the lyrics here.

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