Autumn in the air and I am feeling witchety

[The post number creeped me out but is oddly appropriate considering we are talking Halloween. O_ Might change it. LOL ]

My favorite time of year has started. Back-to-school sales to satiate my office supply fetish and the lingering hopes of cooler weather starting to seep in. The ads turning to fall themes signal me to start flavoring my designs the color of fall leaves, candy corn, pumpkins, and skellies.

Here is little Frida enjoying calacas flying to celebrate life and the upcoming Dia de los Muertos (November 5th).

081309_Pumpkin Moon_blog
I love creating ways to use my little Zen Faces.  My most favorite are as the sun and moon which you will see more of soon. I may even have a giveaway coming up so keep your eyes open! The home page has the color version of this one.

I love henna, I love natural elements, I love organic shapes and playing with white space. Instead of doing henna this time, which my daughter had wanted me to do, I decided to play with the white space of my hand. Above is the Moleskine scan, below is the final for submission to Modofly. (which went out today)


The background (above) is acrylic on 140# cold press watercolor paper, which is my favorite media.

Sometimes I just like to freeform doodle to see where it goes. Organic shapes roaming around, spreading fluidly. My daughter found a couple of odd looking “animals” in the picture, can you spot them?

This one went to Modofly as well. I will post photos as soon as they have been accepted :::fingers crossed::: and go up for sale.

Still working on prints for some of my designs as requested. My cousin Terry owns Boulder Street Gallery in Colorado and does high quality giclees so I plan to go through him when I am ready.

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