A Peek Inside My Brain: Why Fire Engines Are Red

Fire engines are red because they have 8 wheels and 4 people ride it. 8 and 4 is 12. Twelve is a foot. A foot is a ruler. Queen Elizabeth was a ruler. Queen Elizabeth was the name of a ship that sailed in the sea. Fish swim in the sea. Fish have fins. The Finns fought the Russians, which are red. Fire engines are always rushin’, so they have to be red.

Now you understand how my brain works. Well, sort of. I am always linking things. You could follow the breadcrumb trail for miles. Those who know me know never to give me an idea because it will take over my brain and I will journal pages on it. Sadly, most times, it is all I will have time to do.

I don’t give up though and, one day, I will pull those journals back out and run with those ideas; adding new onto old and updating them for whatever my style or the venue needs.

Till then though they rest, and wait, and dream of great things…

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