New Zine Mascot Naming GIVEAWAY!

THREE DOLLAR SQUIRREL is for writers, by writers, on writing. If you are a writer, we are now accepting submissions!


The zine is called Three Dollar Squirrel and he is affectionately known as “Cheap Squirrel” on occasion but he needs a more respectable name. Something creative, something with class. Help name him and you could win a squirrely care package including a copy of the new zine and other squirrely bits!

The name will be selected on May 31st, the day before our first issue comes out. Whoever picks the chosen name will get their name mentioned in the front of the zine with a thank you and one link. Comment here with as many name suggestions as you would like between now and the 30th.

Join the group here and post your Squirrely goodness!

Meet him on Twitter!