A Head Start

Since we started this “conversion” a bit into the year already, I suggested we make some catch-me-up cards this weekend. Chel already has one up (see previous post) so she has five (5) to make to cover January* and catch her up to this week. I’m making six (6) this weekend, so I thought I’d post my sketches that I’m making the cards from.


*Remember, we’re doing one card a week and this season’s theme is Unicorns. In fact, I’ll make a page with our prospective themes while I’m at it. And feel free to suggest fairy tale themes below! We will do a new theme every six months.

A new beginning

As all wars must come to an end eventually, hopefully, we turn our fervor for fairy tales into something more creative, useful, and charitable.

I’ve no clue how it started or who exactly instigated it and threw the first ‘corn, but Chelsae and I have been at it for a while on Facebook. We’ve been having fun throwing unicorns back and forth at each other, much to the bemusement of our friends. This year has been about art and focus for us both, so I thought maybe we could take our digital war into the analog world. Something simple, something that wouldn’t overwhelm us, something that would be a fun release to keep our creative juices flowing and force us to think outside our comfort zones.

Both of us will be posting to this arena with process shots, continued digital posts, and general nonsense related to our themes. We’ll be keeping it all fairy tales and mythical goodness so it should be fun. There’s already been talk of gnomes, but for now…

photo credit: The Rocketeer via photopin cc
photo credit: The Rocketeer via photopin cc