Flying High

“You will be flying high in a big new world…about to be welcomed into new social circles…a gift from someone close to you…”.

We packed for Denver last Tuesday and I stuck that in my trip journal. I did a reading before the trip just to see what it would say and, as always, the wording was apropo.

A few days before we left I had picked up a soft-cover Moleskine quad so that I could prep for the trip. Moleskine’s City Books, unfortunately, did not cover Denver so I had to make my own (way more fun). I cannot tell you how nice it is to travel and have everything on hand; nothing to search for and you can spend your time enjoying your trip. Names, addresses, directions, and numbers for all of our contacts in Colorado as well as information and hours for the places we wanted to go see; flight information, confirmation numbers, and phone numbers; our emergency information and plenty of pages leftover to journal on and glue into.

We booked the tickets two weeks ago and my daughter had packed and unpacked at least five times prior to the trip. This was her first flight, as well as our first flight together as a family, so we were completely psyched for it and anxious to leave.

We did not have regular access to the internet during our trip and, frankly, didn’t want it as we had hoped to be (and were) so busy we wouldn’t have time for it. The next posts are of our trip and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did going.

For those of you who donated to help me go on this trip, I am mailing out your thank you gifties asap!

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