Of Squirrels and Type

Diggory made the trip with us.

One of my favorite sounds in the world is that of a typewriter. There’s something primal to the creative soul about the sound of a key striking paper, leaving an impression behind, and that metallic clinking. Tap tap tap tap tink tap tink tap.

My daughter and I spent our Sunday evening at a Type-In hosted by Bryan Sherwood, aka the Kentucky Typer, at A Cup of Common Wealth in Lexington; check out their fun little Pay It Foward, you can even buy me a drink online! There were typewriters everywhere (read heaven), people swapping them across tables and making the rounds to try other models out. We took two of mine, both gifted – a small, blue Royal and my Underwood Leader.

I was gifted a little Easter egg about my Underwood: The H key was backwards, apparently a rare thing, and I was told to leave it that way. The color was also discussed, as that particular shade or patina was unusual. I felt like a proud mother, though I already was with my 15-year old sharing my love of these wonderful machines.

2016-08-28 17.05.43

An IBM Selectric sat at the end of our (door made into a) table with a typewritten note in the top (above). I hadn’t realized that model had originated in Lexington, and it made me feel even happier that we’d moved up to Kentucky. My mother had worked on one of these machines back when I was in high school, and I remembered the gentle whirring. My daughter turned it on and swooned, continuing the time honored tradition of laying your head on the keyboard to listen to its gentle hum.

2016-08-28 17.05.33

Overall the event was a big success and I think thy got double the turnout they were thinking they we going to get. The woman next to us, Anne, was actually from Winter Park, FL, my old stomping grounds growing up. We got to meet with a couple people I knew from Instagram, one even recognized my name which was a nice surprise.

@TypewriterRevolution on Instagram was there with a binder full of his lovely ETCetera publication (that I am now hooked on).  As soon as I am able, I’ll be picking up a signed copy of his  book, it looks fabulous.

I also discovered the Typosphere, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole…

2016-08-28 15.37.32

Never knew squirrels could paint so well

Sadly, I have been drooling over these paintbrushes since I first saw them. Being that they are squirrel makes it a little more difficult. Most good, natural brushes are made from boar or deer hair, so squirrel isn’t too far fetched, but Diggory hasn’t been too thrilled with the idea as it might be a cousin. The lines you can do with these and how well they hold their shape is beautiful though.

Pinstripers at work: MAZE vs. Jeral Tidwell from Dirk Behlau on Vimeo.

If you are interested in the brushes they are using, squirrel or otherwise, you can find them here. There is a nice set of six (6) pinstripping brushes for 25.00 plus you get a bunch of goodies as well.

New Zine Mascot Naming GIVEAWAY!

THREE DOLLAR SQUIRREL is for writers, by writers, on writing. If you are a writer, we are now accepting submissions!


The zine is called Three Dollar Squirrel and he is affectionately known as “Cheap Squirrel” on occasion but he needs a more respectable name. Something creative, something with class. Help name him and you could win a squirrely care package including a copy of the new zine and other squirrely bits!

The name will be selected on May 31st, the day before our first issue comes out. Whoever picks the chosen name will get their name mentioned in the front of the zine with a thank you and one link. Comment here with as many name suggestions as you would like between now and the 30th.

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