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Of Squirrels and Type

One of my favorite sounds in the world is that of a typewriter. There’s something primal to the creative soul about the sound of a key striking paper, leaving an impression behind, and that metallic clinking. Tap tap tap tap tink tap tink tap. My¬†daughter and I spent our Sunday evening at a Type-In hosted¬†by […]

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Never knew squirrels could paint so well

Sadly, I have been drooling over these paintbrushes since I first saw them. Being that they are squirrel makes it a little more difficult. Most good, natural brushes are made from boar or deer hair, so squirrel isn’t too far fetched, but Diggory hasn’t been too thrilled with the idea as it might be a […]

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New Zine Mascot Naming GIVEAWAY!

THREE DOLLAR SQUIRREL is for writers, by writers, on writing. If you are a writer, we are now accepting submissions! OUR SQUIRREL NEEDS A NAME The zine is called Three Dollar Squirrel and he is affectionately known as “Cheap Squirrel” on occasion but he needs a more respectable name. Something creative, something with class. Help […]

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