Messy love

During the course of my daughter’s art lessons I have had the opportunity to paint again. Though only for an hour, it was nice to have the paint under my nails and up to my knuckles; a lovely, creative mess. I have been so busy between work, finding work, homeschooling…

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Moments of sanity

I do believe that things happen for a reason though so, when my daughter wanted to paint something for her father yesterday, there was no surprise when I accidentally pulled out two small canvases instead of one. That was all the incentive I needed. I have not had time for…

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Never knew squirrels could paint so well

Sadly, I have been drooling over these paintbrushes since I first saw them. Being that they are squirrel makes it a little more difficult. Most good, natural brushes are made from boar or deer hair, so squirrel isn’t too far fetched, but Diggory hasn’t been too thrilled with the idea…

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The 2009 Calendars are here!

The first of the 2009 Calendars, in this case a small preview of my book The Painted Hand: An Artful Life in Paint and Paper, is up for grabs on Lulu. A collection of some of your favorite collage pieces as well as a few snippets of creative writing will…

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