The Power of a Word

Welcome to 2019! This is the first year that I’ve not had a problem remembering to write the new year vs the old. I’m not completely shocked, though, as 2018 was such an “interesting” year.

Last September, I launched my Patreon. I dove in headfirst. Womaned-up and filmed a quick video outside Third Street Cafe in Lexington, traffic noise and all, and have been so blessed. One of my first endeavors was Coffee & Journal, a series letting my followers in behind the scenes of my morning journaling routine.

Hit a few hurdles, but kept moving forward. I learned to compose music on the Launchpad app, eventually acquired new tech with the help of my patrons, and streamlined my mornings. There are 24 videos currently, that I will eventually add to, but I’m shifting things back to my personal process for now till I’ve got the editing software for my desktop PC. I’ll continue to post photos on my Instagram.

Starting today, I will be posting a word of positivity here every Friday. I’m doing it here so anyone can participate without having to signup on Patreon. Playing along is a very simple way to express your own style of creativity. 

On Patreon, every Saturday, I will post my own exploration of the weekly word. It could be photos or a video, a journal page, a zine, whatever I’m inspired to do.

Am I shooting myself in the foot by not running it on Patreon? But you could bring more people to your Patreon, maybe they’ll donate…that’s not why I’m doing this. 

I’m doing this for her.

The world my daughter is growing up in, about to turn 18 in, scares the crap out of me. It’s my job and legacy to help add more beauty to her world, spread love like a plague, and teach her kindness and compassion by supportping and encouraging the good people who are lost in it.

There’s only two rules:

1. Whatever you create has to include that week’s word. It can be any medium. Sculpt, dad, sew, carve, paint, draw, arrange, animate, scribble, journal, cook, bake…

2. Whatever you create has to be put out into the world for someone else to find and pass on or keep, whether it is the creation itself or an image of it.

To my followers:

I hope that you will lead the charge in spreading a little more positive energy in your part of the world. It might not seem like much, but to someone else it might be a well-timed miracle. It means there’s one more person in the world that actually cares.

For example…Write the word on a leaf or a bunch of leaves and scatter them around. Write the word on a post-it note and leave it in a public place. Make art cards or tiny canvases with little notes saying “Find Me Keep Me” and that week’s word. Write it in the sand, paint it on a rock, make it out of leaves and twigs in the middle of the woods. Write it, carve it, or paint it and leave it in a Geocache. Bake cookies or a cake and write it on top. Whatever it takes (legally) to leave your mark.

When you post photos, please tag it with #positivityplague (without the year as I want this to be ongoing). Share photos in the comments, share the link when I post it, tag me so I can show her we are powerful and can change the world with one little ripple at a time.

Thank you, as always, for being here and joining me on this path of creative joy.

Setting the Tone

I’m working on Stalemate again. Val and I have been meeting with two close friends for a critique group every couple of weeks and we have been breaking it down, chapter by chapter. It has taken on a life of its own and I am very grateful for the feedback. It has also been a small thrill as a writer to see them interested and on the edge of their seats ever so slightly meeting after meeting.

One of the most emotional scenes in the book just came to life for me. I found the scene’s soundtrack and it transformed everything, as music often does. To say Ludovico Einaudi was one of my muses would not be an understatement…

I put the headset on my husband’s ears and asked him to read the scene. Part way through he put his hand over his mouth, moved, eyes tearing.

This is what I wanted. This is how I wanted the reader to feel. I’m happy.


Today was like a second Christmas for me. My husband’s aunt sent me a lovely card from their family for my birthday with the express wish that I buy something for myself. She knows that I would have spent it all on bills, but her request allowed me to give myself permission to do something I have been wanting to do for a very long time.

I bought myself a drafting desk.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.30.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.34.38 PMThose of you who know me, or found this site through ArtfulLE, know my story. Most of my time is spent either in bed or in a large overstuffed chair in our living room with my feet up on a matching ottoman. Having LE is a daily challenge; even more so, not wrapping makes it mandatory for me to have my legs up when I’m not on them. This chair is where, even right now, I do most of my work. I have a desk, but I can only sit at it so long. Sitting at a 90 degree angle makes my legs worse, and I dream for some space-age looking recliner with an overhead computer to solve all my problems. Till then, I needed a desk that inspired me, that had room to spread out, but that wouldn’t become just another flat surface to set stuff on.

I brought it home a couple days ago and spent most of today putting it together. Slowly savoring it. My daughter helped get it into the studio and I just sat there, running my hand over the surface. It was really overcast today, but the little bit of light that came in from outside was all I needed. That spot will be perfect as it gets a lot of morning sun, just what I need. I may even get a plant.

Sitting there, I kept getting the urge to name it. I dismissed it at first, but this was something special: Possibility. Passion. Motivation. And for some reason it felt “male”. It’s a rustic, vintage style (faux) oak drafting desk with black metal fixtures, it’s soft, smooth, satin surface cool and comforting to the touch. It began to nag at me, though, so I finally entertained the thought.

Felix…(laugh) nah…hmm…a name, a name…Felix…that’s kind of an odd name…FElix. Hmm. FEE.LIX. Felix?

I laughed and my husband asked me what was funny. I told him that I had the urge to name it, that it was kind of nagging me (to which my daughter chimed in and told me I should then) and told him that the same name kept popping up in my head, but it was kind of a weird one compared to most of the names I typically come up with.

Val: “What name?”

Me: “Felix.”
Val: “It means happy in Latin.”

I could feel the smile creep across my face even as the tears came.

Felix it is.


Let the wordiness begin!

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter,
so I wrote a long one instead.”
– Mark Twain

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, it’s after Halloween and Christmas, thankfully, is still a few weeks away. Nope, it’s write-till-you-drop month. That’s right, it’s November – National Novel Writing Month AND National Blog Post Month.

But I Already Have Too Much To Do

Any serious writer knows that you have to make writing a daily practice. Daily. I cannot stress that enough. Writing requires effort, and good writing even more so.

I write all the time. Cheap, quad notebooks and my black, fine point .5mm gel pens are always with me. I make lists, doodle, jot down notes for story ideas, and sometimes pen a few serious pages of plot. But even I get caught up in the day-to-day and have to remind myself to get a word down at times.

Day One is my eight-ball in the corner pocket. I schedule it to pop up around lunchtime and make myself write a few words, even if it is crap, just to make it a habit. I don’t allow myself to skip or dismiss it, which takes discipline, even as simple as that sounds.

Connect With Me

Also, if you are a Full Sail University student, drop me a note as I am looking into setting up a virtual classroom writers group if there is enough interest.