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Clementine, how does your garden grow?

My grandparents had a garden and small greenhouse in our backyard. My grandmother loved plants, though I don’t remember any of them being indoors except on our side of the house. My mother shared that love and often kept corn plants in big pots on rollers, Christmas cactus, spider plants, and a pothus in our […]

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When Past is Present

Updates below post. This July I have the opportunity to meet my father’s family. I am going to tell his/our story and then ask for help because this means a great deal to me and I have no other way to make it happen. Bear with me. To most people this is commonplace: Your dad […]

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Memory and Reflection

I have always taken photographs, always. Food, insects, flowers, a brick wall, a sign, friends, family. Anything that catches my eye that I want to capture and keep to share or remember I shoot. I love box cameras. I love film and working in a darkroom. I love digital. Digital has me hooked for the […]

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