Week 2: “Gratitude”

I’m grateful for all experience, good or bad, as everything holds a lesson to be learned. I grew up with the debate about the glass and somewhere along the line I shifted my philosophy to something that suited me much better than just liquid. “It’s not whether or not the…

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Week 1: “Breathe”

Breathing has been a process today. Three meetings, staying off social to stay focused to get things done on current projects. Today was video editing, mostly as part of the last workaround I’ll need to do for Patreon, though not mine this time. Having had breathing issues in the past…

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The Power of a Word

Welcome to 2019! This is the first year that I’ve not had a problem remembering to write the new year vs the old. I’m not completely shocked, though, as 2018 was such an “interesting” year. Last September, I launched my Patreon. I dove in headfirst. Womaned-up and filmed a quick…

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