Diggory_peek_sky_sm-300x224AND WE’RE BACK!
New location, new zines, new logo, new prompts!
We’ve moved to Kentucky and we’re involved with the Kentucky Fried Zine Fest in Lexington now! Surrounded by ziney goodness, we’ve got plenty of inspiration.
Themes post on social media by the 2nd of the month, but you can find them all listed on the site at:
The zine is released on the 10th of each month in both digital and print. Contributors will receive a free copy in PDF format and a can purchase the printed copy for 3.00 (a 5.00 value) in Renmeleon’s Etsy shop at:
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When is your favorite time of day to write and do you have any rituals before, during or after? Favorite location, tools, pre-planning, after reward, etc.
Submit your reply to with “March 2017 Squirrel” in the subject line. Replies need to be between 30-500 words. Submissions are open to writers globally of any genre. Make sure to include a URL and your full name or pseudonym for the zine!
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