Because inquiring squirrels want to know. ha Three Dollar Squirrel is back! For real. I’ve launched on Patreon recently and made the Squirrel part of my routine, so let’s get started!


  1. Prompts post below.
  2. Answer the prompts below in 50-200 words (rough guideline, you can go over but not under if you have more to say, max 500 words).
  3. Submissions are due by midnight on the 14th so you have 2 weeks.
  4. Email it to cheapsquirrel@gmail.com with the subject line “Squirrel” – you can copy and paste the following into an email for convenience.
  5. Completed issues will post on the first of each month.

Name or Pen Name:
Month – Answer/Reply:
URL (site, blog, social):

*Submitting work to Three Dollar Squirrel grants me the right to publish it in the Three Dollar Squirrel zine and the follow up book I will be publishing at the end of the year. All contributors will be contacted at that point for further permissions.

Three Dollar Squirrel is distributed freely online. I will be doing a book at the end of each year with 80% of the proceeds going to a literacy or book-related charity. This year’s will go to the International Book Project [ www.intlbookproject.org ] here in Lexington, KY.

Guidelines below prompts.


Vol. 3, No. 1 | Ritual (right click, save-as)
What rituals do you have when you prep for a writing session?

Vol. 3, No. 2 | Time Capsule (right click, save-as)
If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Vol. 3, No. 3 | Editing (right click, save-as )
What is your editing process and what’s the most difficult part for you?

Due 03/25 for APRIL’S ISSUE
How many unfinished books do you have and what is your plan to finish them?

Be honest here. As a book designer, I’ll be doing a live chat brainstorming session with anyone interested in honing in on completing their book(s).

Due 04/14 for MAY’S ISSUE
Do you believe in writer’s block and how do you deal with hurdles in your process?
Not whether or not you have writer’s block. There has been a big debate over whether writer’s block actually exists or not. What is your take on it?

Due 05/14 for JUNE’S ISSUE
What are the top 3-5 books that you’ve read and how do you think they’ve influenced your writing?
Any genre, but especially titles you’ve read more than once. Is there one you read every year or find yourself referring to often?

Due 06/14 for JULY’S ISSUE
What was your earliest realization that words had power?
ie What book(s) really had an impact on you early on as a reader?

Due 07/14 for AUGUST’S ISSUE
What does being a successful writer look like to you?
Visualize where you’d like to be as an author. Do you want to do book signings, speak at events, do panels at conferences or conventions, travel, write full-time…

Have you ever considered writing under a pseudonym and why?
ie Some authors write under pseudonyms to keep bodies of work separate from their normal genres, keep things from their private lives, or to distance themselves from work outside societal norms.

Due 09/14 for OCTOBER’S ISSUE
What is one written work that evoked great emotion when you read it?
Sadness, joy, anger, any emotional response that made you want to share or get rid of the book. Was it well written? Did it make you want to jump on a soapbox in protest of all the world’s ills or cry? How did the author illicit this response and were you better for it or wrecked after you read it? Why do you think it hit you so hard?

Due 10/14 for NOVEMBER’S ISSUE
Looking back over this year, what is one thing that you would like to improve about your process?
Name one thing that you would like to improve in the coming year.

Due 11/14 for DECEMBER’S ISSUE
What projects are you planning for the new year and what have you completed this year?
Feel free to include book summaries and links to anything you’ve published this year.

If you would like to suggest questions for future issues, please feel free to include them in an email (same address) with the subject line “Inquiring squirrels want to know” and we’ll add it to the list and credit you. In the case of duplicates, we’ll credit all contributors.



All participants get a digital copy of the zine sent to them via email once the issue is released.

Want Squirrel swag? Squirrelly swag (stickers, zines, art, etc) is sent out via snail mail or email on receipt of submission for as long as they are subscribed on the 3.00 patron level.

NOTE: If you ever get stuck, just do a tag search for “Your Guide to Squirrels” (I literally just made the tag for it ha) and it will pull up the guidelines for you.


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