get GOING (series)

My get GOING series originated from an annual theme that I adopted several years ago when my health declined. All three books were stream of consciousness insights into my three core tools for coping with permanent health issues and self-managing ADD as a creative and a homeschool mom.

All three books are 8.5” square and designed to be pulled apart for use as motivation prints.

Bored asks one question and gives you a simplistic motivation to align your life with your joy. Bored was written, hand illustrated, and published within 24 hours as a challenge to myself to get my own work out into the world.

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From Here to There outlines my use of guided visualization to take you further down the rabbit hole toward your joy. It is a technique that I use when I need to renew my goal vision and stay on track.

Done is about finishing and is a simple approach to making your projects multitask for you. Having spent the majority of my life as a marathon multitasker, this perspective shift freed up more time, got rid of a great deal of stress, and streamlined my daily process.

Though published at a later date, both From Here to There and Done were written and hand illustrated in a total of 45 minutes during one 4am can’t-sleep session.

Bored is currently available on Amazon. From Here to There and Done are launching March 2019. All three books were a pre-release series for my get GOING workbook and will also be released in ebook format.

GOING is an anachronym for several things and represents a pivotal point in my life. My mantra for several years now, I incorporate get GOING into my daily art journaling as well as it being a constant, gentle reminder. get GOING: Simple Steps to Living More Abundantly teaches you the methods I use to stay on task with my life, how I align myself to the end results that bring me joy, and how I stay positive despite permanent health issues.

Reviews for Bored

Selvaggio has created something incredibly special. This precious tome is tender, plainly-spoken and profoundly motivational. It is sweet, light, and empowering; as if she was taking me by the hand and leading me exactly where we both knew I needed to go. Read this book. The journey is worth it.

A treasure. Prepare to grin. Prepare to giggle. Prepare for a new favorite source of quick motivation. This clever and sweet book will help you get unstuck, wherever you are. Want to charge forward as your best self? Start reading.

Just what I needed today. Who knew such an “easy read” could inspire you to do great things. I wanna buy more for everyone I know that’s stuck in their day or their life in general :) Thank you Ria for putting this out there. I read it on a perfect day. You switched it around for me. 🙌🏼 #renmeleon #supportlocalartists #thisisberea #inspire #motivate #timeisnow