An experiment in frustration

Recently found this through another blog. A designer’s exit project from a University in Germany; it is not a research company and states as such in the imprint at bottom right.

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The site is VERY well done; well thought out and accurately executed. I wouldn’t even attempt to try to code something like that for several reasons; my main two reasons being that I found the site to be stressful and not aesthetically pleasing.

Being an artist I like interactivity on a different level, my senses. I like a site that I can sink all of my senses into like a good story. I like being able to visualize what the author is trying to tell me. I like being comfortable or inspired by the graphic elements. I am drawn to use of color, typography and content.

Personal Opinion: Dontclickit … an amazing concept and thorough content but it makes me never want to go back to it.

I went through the whole site with a conscious stream of “DON’T CLICK!” running in my head which didn’t allow me to fully enjoy the site. I got through the whole site without clicking, like most people I’m sure, until you were asked in a section called “Crowdshout” to enter your name, email and a message that gets displayed on the site. I clicked to edit a portion of my message, a mispelled word, and an annoying static screen scolded me for a full 10 seconds about my clicking. I went through the rest of the site after posting my little note.

Before leaving the site I composed an email to the author of the site with kudos and feedback. I went to edit again, mistakenly clicked, got scolded and was returned to find my whole message gone. Disregarding my first instinct to close out the site, I sent him a short note with kudos, and recommended that he fix the erasure problem. I also let him know I wouldn’t be back.

So the question is … why am I linking to his site if I found it so annoying?


An amazing concept that shouldn’t be missed.

If nothing else it will make you realize just how much you like to click and how easy we have it. I think the clicking, almost a Pavlovian response, is similar to a book collector’s addiction symptoms. As an avid collector of antique books, it is the feel of the paper, the smell of the book, the look of the fonts .. the aesthetics … that are the draw.

Oh, and as a society if we find something that really irritates us or grosses us out we always have the urge to share it with those we love. Can’t fight human nature.

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