WOOT The site is L I V E!! *happy dance*

Ok, that title was pretty self-explanatory. LOL

After 20 years of being in business freelance, and four years of planning and dreaming, Renmeleon.com finally went live. *collapses* hehe I am so excited about all the stuff we are doing I cannot begin to tell you. Ok, I’ll try. :)

Breast cancer awareness jewelry and accessories *whispers…like pocket mirrors*, framed prints, two local Starbuck’s are going to be displaying my art… *takes a deep breath* …artists from all over the world donating artwork for the Art4NewOrleans effort, holiday stuff holiday stuff holiday stuff, new designs galore! hehe There is SO much going on and so many new opportunities.

Since I lost my printer (long story, needless to say I no longer support Xerox) I have been revamping my old designs for black & white. I have always enjoyed doing straight pen & ink, I love the high contrast. I will be posting some of my newest designs this week and I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

I’ll post more as soon as things settle a little. Ha! Actually I hope it doesn’t. hehe Look to Renmeleon.com though for more art, more ideas, and…well, just more!

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