Week 10: “Heart”

Everything should be done with heart. From the smallest act of kindness to the biggest endeavors. Investing a little piece of your self into what you do increases your joy.

I’ve always taught my daughter to do things wholeheartedly. To agree to something without committing to it 100% is the fastest way to be unhappy and create conflict. If you say yes, do it with your whole heart and invest your self in it.

My daughter’s beautiful watercolor card, I’m so spoiled. #blessed

Living your life intentionally – saying yes to the things you want in your life, saying no to the things you don’t – makes such a difference. And the people around you will appreciate it (and you) even more since it’s less stressful for them, too.

Think carefully about the things you commit to. Are you doing it with your whole heart? Are you holding back from doing your best because you really aren’t happy with the decision? I never say yes unless I can commit fully to the idea of jumping in head first down the rabbit hole.

So for this week, commit to your joy to bring joy to others. What you do has impact, how you do it even moreso.

Enjoy your weekend! Thank you for being here. Don’t forget to share your #positivityplague with me.

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