Week 8: “Wonder”

My daily life is filled with wonder, that little bit of everyday awe that keeps me inspired and moving forward. It’s easy to look for if you take a moment, just a teensy percentage of a minute, and look around you.

One of the ways that I have managed stress over the years is to always look for one tiny positive in everything. Life lessons come from the good and the bad – sometimes even more the latter, because making mistakes is how you learn – but if you can find on benefit to something on even your worst day your whole outlook will shift.

Take a minute today and leave a small bit of wonder out in the world. Maybe something like a fortune cookie made out of paper, a book in a ziplock bag with a note, a painted rock, something that will stop someone for a moment to experience their own little bit of wonder.

Photo: Julia Pelish with one of my favorite painted rocks.

Thank you for being here. Don’t forget to share and use #positivityplague so I can enjoy the wonder, too.