Week 6: “Gift”

When I first became an artist, first created something with my own hands, I gave away my work. It was simple when I was a child, to draw a picture and give it away. My mother had countless drawings, my grandparents, my aunt and eventually cousins. Holidays it was expected – I could make it so why would I need to buy anything.

As I got older, and independence from my family became survival. I still gifted, but I had to learn to gift to myself as well. That it was ok to ask for money in exchange for my time and efforts. I was given a gift, one I was told to never stop using or I’d lose it.

Now an adult (most days ha) and now Mother, no longer Maiden, it is a gift to be able to give to someone else. To use the talents and skills I’ve been given, or learned and made my own, to give to others. To create something from nothing and make someone smile. To pass on that joy to my daughter and watch her build her own world where compassion, love, and acts of kindness in giving will be carried forward.

Every day is made up of small miracles. Every day is a new opportunity to make someone else feel important to you. To erite a note, send a postcard, pick up a little something you think someone will like and leave it for them anonymously, to give your time or money or both to someone in need of it.

I have a love-hate relationship with money. I’ve always loved doing charitable work, but seldom able to give financially. I can gift my skills, though, and do so often. Whether I call them joy projects, or I simply offer to do something because I want to see something beautiful out in the world.

A card from one of my new decks.

What can you gift today? Time, money, something you’ve created. Something small from you could mean the world to someone else.

Thank you for being here, for giving me the gift of your time. I appreciate you.

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