UPDATE: Renmeleon Forums

Well, the Renmeleon forums are officially “defunct”.

Due to hacking and an overload of spam I wasn’t able to block, I have closed the Renmeleon forums. I have saved everything off of them that I needed including some wonderful posts from some of you and I have moved all further information to the Renmeleon site. I will no longer be using the forums area though I am not deleting them yet since I have posted further information and redirects to here and my site. I have locked the area down to prevent further posts, friend or foe, and have begun rebuilding on both the site itself and the new Renmeleon Wiki. More about the latter later.

Thank you all who joined the forums area. I sent out an admin email to everyone with further information, so I hope that you will continue on here. I am grateful for your support of Renmeleon.com and your interest in my art and writing. I hope to offer more rexources to you all in the near future.


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