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Since Christmas last year when I received my first Reporter, Moleskines have become a source of inspiration for me. Not so much the Moleskines themselves, but what people are using them for. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of artistry being done. As a travel resource I find Moleskines invaluable since you can use it as part itinerary, part storage (tickets, receipts, postcards, etc) and part travel journal. There is a huge following of art journal creators though that have me overwhelmed.

My good news is that I was recently accepted to participate in the Wandering Moleskine Project 2 on Moleskinerie. I know that they had some issues with the first project but it is my hope that it arrives safely and I will be mailing it return receipt Priority from here to the next person to be safe.

We have one week to create our page and mail it so I have mine already planned out. The added exposure for Renmeleon will be wonderful and the page will be part Renmeleon, part Odonatia and part Kraft Paper Muse. I love doing self-promotion projects so it should be interesting to see what I can come up with in such a limited space without making it look “used car sales”. hehe And, yes, though I have it planned out, art becomes what it wants to so I have flexibility in mind to be on the safe side. hehe

I have something else on the burner but hesitate to say anything till I get word it’s a go. Will keep you posted…

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