NaNoWriMo Update

Well, two days ago, when NaNoWriMo officially started, I had absolutely no clue where to start. Actually that isn’t true. I knew exactly where I wanted to start but didn’t have the time or motivation to actually do it. I spend my Tuedays analog so I figured I would make up for lost time. 400 words later I decided to give up for the day as there was too much going on.

Leftover Chinese food and a movie. Read and replied to email. Put my daughter to bed then transcribed 43 pages of my ex’s book into the desktop using Dragon Naturally Speaking. (read: love Dragon-Speak) Made some CS Lemon Zinger tea with orange blossom honey, lemon juice and Taylor’s Light Sherry in it for my steadily going hoarse voice. Dictated the remaining 12 pages. My brain was vapor so I went to bed after making a few “to do list notes” for today.

Woke up to L sneaking our daughter out of the house for breakfast so V and I could sleep in. Hugs and kisses goodbye gratefully accepted, a trip to the bathroom and I crawled back in bed to roll over and try to sleep again. My novel running rampant in my head, I finally gave up and sat up in bed. Wrote, printed in my all caps style on looseleaf. Picked up speed on page two, wrote six pages total. Phone ringing me had me running to the other end of the house to grab it.

Mental note: Buy another cordless phone. Grrr.

Plans made for mom to pick up my girl and free us up for the two writer’s meetings today. Thank you mom. :) Decided it was time to transcribe everything because my hand was not keeping up with my head. Tried reading it but it was so…violently deviant?…I was actually “embarrased” to read it aloud. hehe Actually, just didn’t want V to wake to the subject matter and wonder if I had lost my mind or if he should fear for his safety. It is a horror/thriller after all. hehe Transcribed it in manually.

Word count: 1,626 posted at 11:11am. WOOT!

Made coffee, by that time L and my girl were home having run rampant at the McD’s playground. hehe She had a blast and we have another new toy. :::bangs head slowly on desk::: A plastic 007 looking mouse with a compass in his belly. Who thinks up these things? Spent some time with her, talked to L, rousted V out of bed, wrote some more.

Word count: 3,189 posted at 1:15pm. Double WOOT!

Time to get ready for the rest of the day and the first write in at the local library. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and get back to my story. L is actually going with us this time so I am excited. Hoping he lets me make a profile for him on NaNoWriMo today. :::happy dance:::

Hoping to have his book, the one he wrote last year (a brilliant 370 pages in 2 months) completely transcribed by the end of the weekend to surprise him with it. Might take a little longer though as Dragon-Speak didn’t recognize my voice very well this morning; still a little hoarse. hehe Know he writes better analog so it is worth it. He is 150 pages into the second book in the trilogy. I always look forward to “storytime” when he shares what he’s written. Very, very proud of him and ecstatic to see V’s 3,000+ word count has been posted. Knew he’d do well with this. We’ve got a house full of writer’s when you count my girl practicing her letters. hehe

Ok. Time to go. Rest of the day here I come! :)

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