My Idea Box

Ok, I admit it. I have an addiction to art projects and never have enough time for all my ideas. I have a brain like a sieve though so if I don’t write it down I promptly forget it. What do I do? This…

Find a plastic index card box or, better yet, an old cigar box so you can decorate it.

Buy index cards and the tabs that go along with them. I recommend buying two sets of index card tabs because you are going to be labeling them with categories vs using the alphabetical listing (unless you want to) already printed on them.

As you get them, write your ideas down on index cards and file them. ONE idea per index card. If you tend to write longwinded, write your idea on paper then fold it and staple an index card to the front and file it or buy the larger 4×6 inch index cards.

If you have an idea that fits more than one category make more than one card for it. Make sure you cross-reference on the back of the card though. If you use the idea, document it.

My idea box has been a good source of reference for me. If I get stuck on a project, I open my idea box and start digging. Even if I don’t find anything that pertains to what I am doing, it still forces my brain off topic, making me look at things from a different angle.

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  1. […] One month later, due mostly to health issues and general chaos, I finally got my piece finished today and prepped to be mailed out. It was a lot of fun to make and I still have other ideas that I had to eliminate one by one from the standpoints of time and practicality. For now though they are backburned on index cards in my Idea Box for further play later. […]

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