Mixed Media on canvas with Found Fiction poetry.

A work in progress. **I started this in 2010 and, after a long conversation/interview with my muse for my magazine, I started working on it again the next day…8 years later. I’ve updated the project with the newest photos on the bottom.**

Found fiction (TM) located on the right side of the painting; written by randomly selecting text from an existing piece without previous planning.

= = =
The original is not for sale, though it will be in future, as I plan to make prints and greeting cards available first.

Phase One | Background.
Covering the right side with paint and paper but the left will feature mainly ink drawings.
Phase Two | Backdrop for paper coverage area.
Phase Three | Textures added.
Working. My daughter went paparazzi on me, she was nine.
Phase Four | Found Fiction (TM)
Before I ever found blackout poetry, my “found fiction” was from a random piece of nature poetry. No scanning for words previous to gluing it down, totally random fiction.

From every length
In spite of gravity
I myself am
A preposterous verdue
Beneath coarser grass.
Patient from broad, keen storms.
From morn now creepsivory.

Copyright 2010-current Ana Maria Selvaggio