April will begin my newest endeavor, a weekly podcast called Down the Rabbit Hole. The show will be eclectic and encompass all the many facets of what I love and love to create. To keep myself focused, I created 52 weeks worth of index cards with content ideas following these weekly guides.

Please feel free to send me questions for several Q&As I will be doing along the way. Each month is broken down into four sections, with the occasional fifth week being a free for all and Q&A. I hope you join me! Links and updates coming soon.

Week 1 of each month will focus on my project goals for the month. Part intention setting, part accountability to get me going.

Week 2 of each month will focus on encouragement. I firmly believe in “lift as you climb” and want to help give my lovely followers a boost.

Week 3 of each month will focus on gaming, tech, and education.

Week 4 of each month will focus on prepping for the next month and moving forward with what was learned from the past month.

Week 5 of each month will be a free for all of miscellaneous goodness and a Q&A with questions asked by my lovelies. There will be five of these opportunities over the next 52 weeks starting in April, so I’m looking forward to answering your questions.