Nine reasons why I love you

Time flies by so fast when you are truly happy. The rest of my life may not be exactly the way I want it yet, always a work in progress, but there is one thing that God has blessed me with that enriches my life and sustains me from day-to-day: My daughter.

My daughter turned nine years old today and already has her life “planned out”. According to her, at age 9:

…She has decided that she wants to become a massage therapist so that she can help people feel better about life and about themselves, taking away their pain, and letting them know that God loves them.
…She wants to take violin with me and learn more songs to sing.
…She wants to continue homeschooling so that, when she gets older and has a family of her own, she can homeschool her own children.
…She is learning to cook and sew so that she can expand her creativity and take care of herself in any situation.

There are of course way too many things that I could list here, I could go on forever and a day, but here are the top nine in honor of her 9th birthday in no particular order:

1. Your compassionate heart and spirit of caring for others
2. Your smile that I can’t get enough of
3. Your love for God
4. Your inventiveness and creative imagination (you invented your own version of double stick tape when you were 4 before you knew anything about double stick tape!)
5. Your sense of style in how you dress, the combinations of fabrics, textures, and colors you choose
6. How much you love to sew, cook, and help me/Val do both
7. How you always know when I need to laugh and the lengths you go to make me do it
8. The sound of your voice when you pray and when you are telling me your dreams, the excitement and wonder in it
9. The sound of your singing and how you can come up with songs on the fly about mundane things like cleaning your desk

Happy Birthday my love. I wish for this year, and all the next, that you flourish and grow. You have blessed my life on all levels in more ways than I can count. And, as we always say, “you are my bestest friend in all the world in all my life”. I love you all the way to the moon and back my precious friend.

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