Out of the mouths of babes

The last few days have been spent in as non-vertically bedridden a state as we could manage. My daughter is feeling better now so, communal hermitage disbanded, I am sitting at my desk.

Mostly staring at the screen.

I have managed to weed out my email, though not answer any yet, and log in here. Am I slacking? Why, yes, I am. And I can safely say that I do not like breathing through sand. ::insert blank stare here:: Ok…so what was my point to this? Oh. Yes.

My daughter’s desk is now next to mine and she has decided it was time to make accessories for our Monster High dolls. Val bought her Lagoona Blue for Christmas, then picked up the nerdy-but-wonderful Ghoulia Yelps for me with her awesome librarian-reminiscent, horn-rimmed glasses. My daughter loves making tiny things out of paper, clay, toothpicks, anything I give her permission to raid from the studio or the kitchen. With Lagoona looking on in approval from her handmade, brightly-colored Lego chair, she just finished making pencils out of toothpicks and a coordinating notepad. My Ghoulia had Christmas earlier this year with a bag cover, a book (pre-made), a wallet with tiny bills in it ($12.00, enough for a pizza), and a newspaper with a Have you seen this monster? ad of a zombie. Apparently Ghoulia’s father is missing.

So my daughter asks if she can modify the bottom of a makeup container that I gave her. I tell her no, but that she could make something to fit in the bottom without gluing it in. She comes up with an idea and, after trying to explain to me what she wanted to do (my Mommy Translation Device is apparently non-functional today) she stops, sighs, and starts drawing.

A moment later she shares her drawing with me and says, and I quote, “Mother.” (frustrated) “I have child words of wisdom to spew out.”

Wow. O_O I don’t even know what to say to that other than good word usage? LOL

Think I am going to go lay back down.

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