Artistamp Album on eBay

Recently hosted a collaborative Artistamp Album book project with 12 incredible artists. The book was a lot of fun to compile and has successfully gotten me addicted to bookbinding. I enjoyed being able, within current monetary restrictions, to include small gifts for all of the participants and will continue to do so as a show of thanks for all their hard work. Each participant also received a small personalized participation certificate; as this was my first book project I wasn’t aware that the finished book itself was considered “documentation”. Live adn learn. hehe Thank you to Kelli Perkins at Ephemeral Alchemy for all her wisdom as she was a tremendous encouragement.

Each book is 15 pages not including the front and back covers. There are 14 artists pages and one Ex Libris page so that each participant could personalize their own copy. We had one person drop out due to their own busy schedule, so I made a second page for them…and ended up with one extra copy of the book.

You can find that ONE and ONLY copy available on eBay: Limited Edition Collaborative Artistamp Album.

There are only 15 copies of this book in existence in the world. There is only ONE available. I am hoping that whoever wins the auction enjoys the book as much as we have. There was no theme so the book is very eclectic, each artist contributing the best of their creativity.

The proceeds of the auction will be put to good use: 20% of the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the other 80% will go toward hosting more book projects this year (supplies and better gifting goodies) for those who wish to participate.

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