All I can say is …


This has to be one of the most wonderfully invented, uniquely designed sites I’ve seen. I SO love Flash.

Explore everything, leave no stone or insect unclicked. hehe

Where can I buy the soundtrack??

Swiper No Swiping…

Ok, answer me this…

Big HUGE corporation. Band. Big HUGE corporation with enough money to redesign the world with their own private design team. Band. Big HUGE corporation steals band’s design.

Ummm … huh?

Found this posted on a blog I track and had to research it. Nike decided to pilfer art from a band that is pretty much on the other end of the spectrum as far as what it stands for.

*crosses Nike off her household’s shopping list, permanently*

A nickel for your thoughts

I was running through my Blogline subscriptions this morning and came across a post on Speak Up about the design of the new 2005 nickels.

The new 2005 nickel

I have to admit, I like them a lot. So much in fact that I carry a nickel around with me that I don’t spend and I have one at home on my desk taped above my pc. Why?

Simplicity. Good design. A reminder.

The original 1938 design is simple but not, in my opinion, as stylish.

This is the first time in a long time that I have looked forward to seeing what designs the US Mint will come up with next. The 50 State Quarters program, released in 1999, was probably that last one that held my interest.

Postage stamps, now there is a design topic.


“I flew in to the island early dusk on Thursday. Navigating the small atoll at night would be next to impossible I was told; Odonatia being fairly primitive technologically, you are at your own risk. No towers to guide you in. The runway is short with only less than a dozen yards for a margin of error. I packed my cases on a collapsible dolly that over the years I have found to be indispensible … satellite phone, camera and cataloging equipment, laptop, clothing, personal items. The museum spared no expense with my equipment. I have never failed them in my work and they learned a long time ago to outfit me well if they wanted a high caliber of archival. Odonatia being largely unexplored by the outside world, and this being my first of four trips…”

And so begins the chronicles of explorer C.T.Blackstone. Odonatia is undergoing extensive exploration currently but I am excitedly privy to information through a contact with the museum. It is rumored that four of Blackstone’s journals will be published and made available at some point. The Odonatian Cartographer’s Office will be providing maps as well as soon as the Planning Office is done reorganizing. You can take a peek at Odonatia here.