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ARRR Mateys!

Happy National Talk Like a Pirate Day to all ye swabs! Ok, ok so it’s not a recognized National Holiday but ARRR it should be. hehe Got an email on one of the artistamp lists I am on and had no ... Read More

An experiment in frustration

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Recently found this through another blog. A designer’s exit project from a University in Germany; it is not a research company and states as such in the imprint at bottom right. [ http://www.don... Read More

Forums vs the Blog

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This was actually my first posting but I am still getting use to this. I think I will follow the advice in Rebecca’s Pocket … don’t post anything you have to edit. Forums were the ra... Read More

On going solo

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I’m self-taught. What does that mean? It means I am ready to go back to school and get the piece of paper I am required to have to prove to everyone that know what I am talking about. Over the l... Read More