The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated…

…I fell off the planet actually. Really, I did.

Family matters and client work took over my life, unfortunately but necessarily, for the last few weeks. I have stacks of things to be mailed out and projects to catch up on. Both of my art lists, Non_Cents and Art for Cures, probably think I’ve died but I cannot help it. Sadly, work has to come before the obligations that don’t support the day-to-day reality of bills. I have been living off fumes as far as sleep goes the last week in order to complete a deadline and I’ve, thankfully, met it so I am reclaiming little bits of my life daily. Tomorrow is my last day at the museum as well, until I am able to get another contract, so I have my weekends back for now.

I have made the decision to back off on web design for a while other than the projects I already have going. I am hopeful that Gumtree Graphic Rubber will be well received when it launches and have been compiling a list of designs in preparation. I am excited, nervous, confident and anxious. Having my own rubber stamp line has been a dream of mine for several years now.

It’s interesting how fast laundry piles up. I have been trying to squeeze in the occasional bout of doodling and make notes on story ideas. I have a million little thumbnails for card designs but will not have any serious illustration time for a little while yet. I have sites that need updating as well. Right now I am trying to get things ready for the first Art for Cures auctions, make sure everything is mailed out and that their packages are well worth the wait. I am thankful for their patience and support in more ways than I could even tell them.

Zombies have been living in my studio, taking the occasional snack break while I am coding. They have finally left though. They threw my brain back, there wasn’t anything left to nibble on…

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