The Ghosts of Christmas

Past, present and future have converged on this moment making me contemplative as of late. This year has been a really creative, growth oriented one for all of us here…

Ysa has progressed in her skills and her ever awe inspiring ingenuity. Val and Logan have both gone further on their novels as well as having written several short stories. Val completed his AA and has begun his Bachelor’s work as I prepare to go back to school in January for mine. New projects have begun and old ones have been renewed. We have lost and we have gained but we have continued to move forward regardless and, most of all…live.

Non_Cents, my paper arts list, is going into it’s third year now. Started in July of 2005, the group’s first members were people I had known from another list. Years later they are all still there along with new friends and an ever-growing amount of people from Art for Cures. In fact most of the Non_Cents list joined Art for Cures. hehe I feel loved and I love their enthusiasm and willingness to plunge headfirst into any challenge.

Art for Cures is taking off, the site soon to be launched. Our first swaps full of color and life affirming hope. I have been truly blessed with the creatives that have been drawn by the project. The love and support they show each other, the kind words and time spent has been such an encouragement. This group is capable of amazing things and I am looking forward to our first auctions. We will be utilizing Etsy as well in the future.

Gumtree Graphic is becoming a reality as I excitedly await the arrival of the first batch of clear rubber stamps using my artwork. I am working on the business end of things and compiling the wholesale/retail catalogs as well as all my promotional goodies. Current plans are for the site to go live in January along with a few sneak peeks pre-launch.

Word Whimsy is being pulled off the backburner as our writer’s group plans its first gathering in our home in January. Laurel, my best friend and creative partner for many years now, has worked on this with me for several years now. We are both pleased to see it moving forward.

The coming year promises to be one of renewal on many levels. As we go into the holiday season this year, I am focusing on what I am leaving behind. Ysa, my greatest accomplishment and my “bestest” friend, is a constant source of inspiration and hope for me. She has grown so much in the past year and I have enjoyed being a part of every minute of it. There are a number of things that I have been planning for her that I am happily devoting time to now.

      Using my new sewing machine to complete her quilt for her room on Christmas morning.

      Compiling all of her artwork by year in hand-bound books.

      Making handmade ornaments and decorations for our home that can be passed down to Ysa and her family.

      Compiling a family memory book for my mother and grandmother.

      Scanning my 103 year old grandmother’s photos and cookbooks so that I can restore them and make albums for the rest of the family.

      Spend time.

The last is the most important.

We have been spending more time analog as of late and it has been wonderful. I love my time here, my work, the people I have met and those who I consider family that this medium allows me to keep in contact with across the globe. Being able to reset and go analog for a bit though has been another form of renewal. We play card/board games a lot and spend time in the park enjoying the outdoors and each other. I am getting the studio in order, making designated spaces for projects in preparation for my goals coming to fruition. I am sketching more, journaling more, and it makes everything I do here worthwhile.

I am looking forward to the coming year, we all are, and it is my hope that you will all enjoy it with us. Brightest blessings to you and yours this holiday season no matter what you celebrate.

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