Summer break.

We had a much needed break from class this week. The first draft of the script for my thesis is done and, having written roughly 86 of the 116 pages last session, my brain feels as though it’s oozing out of my ears.

We spent the day at EPCOT and had a blast. We still have one more day on the passes and are probably going to use them at Magic Kingdom per my girl’s request. We spent most of the day in Japan then had dinner at San Angel inside the Mexico pavilion. Amazing food and a brilliant ending to the day.

The week was spent catching up on housecleaning and working on anything but my thesis, per instructor’s orders. Walking away from it a little will give me a fresh perspective and allow a few brain cells to regenerate.

This weekend was purely vegetative, at least half of my waking moments spent running around exploring in-game. I found a dungeon that I’d apparently overlooked, Karazhan, that turned out to be an absolutely huge maze. I mean, where else would you hide a dragon?