Small favors and dependence

Calm and sanity come in small packages I have found.

I am working from my netbook currently, a recent acquisition (thank you Val MWAH), as my main computer is in capable hands elsewhere.

I picked up a rather nasty virus last night, possibly earlier if it was a trojan, and it managed to shut down all of my executable files (read virus software and disk drives) while throwing multiple windows at me with “buy our security software or lose your data” type messages. I kept my head but was definitely panicking by the time I was able to get the machine shut down. Needless to say, I am frustrated. I am not as upset as I was last night, but I will be happy (I hope) when I get the prognosis and am attempting to wait patiently (haha) in the meantime. I am thankful that a) I have friends who make tech house calls and b) that I am able to at least check my email and work on one of my blogs till I get my desktop back.

My friend Adam picked up the machine earlier this morning so I am hoping for good news later tonight or tomorrow. I was about to launch the first Dragonfly Press publication, a book I just finished typesetting and designing for a client, so I am anxious to get my computer back in one piece.

I feel naked without it…and I miss my CS4. /sigh

As much as I love my analog time, I have become so dependent on technology. It hits hard when something like this happens and the whole world stops. I have been working really hard lately, non-stop, so I suspect this is the stop and take a break message that God gives me occasionally when I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I forget about me. I enjoy my work so much at times that I get swept away so I am also thankful that I have my daughter to keep me grounded.

So the lessons for today kiddos?

a) Be cautious where you do research.
b) Armor your computer with more than one virus protection program and keep them updated. (which I had)
c) Breathe in deep and walk away from the computer. There is a whole lot of life going on out there without you.

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