I had no idea.

I have 1,182 subscribers to this blog.

::blink blink:: Um. Well, hello there!

::Kermit flail::

Call it me being naive, but I literally had no idea. I rarely get comments, I attribute that to too-busy schedules and “skimming”, but my site stats didn’t even know. One of my plugins apparently did, though. Wow. Um. Yay! So nice to be heard by all of you. Thank you so much for being here, it means a great deal to me. I do this for you.

Lift As You Climb

My intent has always been toward sharing not selling. I’m not big on sell sell sell on my social media and agree with licensing agent Lilla Rogers, “People buy your joy.”. However, I believe in supporting the tools that have supported me and I just posted a new affiliate link for Scrivener to the site. In the process of adding the new widget to my site, I added the blog subscription one as well to keep people notified when I post in case they aren’t on Facebook or other social mediums. When I did, the stats came up.

Supporting Good Things in the World

I’ve always said that one of my biggest missions in this life was to put more beauty out into the world my daughter is growing up in. That all our children are growing up in. It matters. Their generation is going to have to deal with and clean up our messes, so I make it a point to support good people, good companies, good products.

This is something I’ve passed on to my daughter as well. We’ve had discussions on why you shouldn’t wear brands whose missions don’t align with your beliefs, that researching things is important, and that how you present yourself is important. I’m not talking about impressing people, I’m talking about representing your true self for your own benefit.

First, this isn’t a paid ad. I really do love Scrivener. When my husband got stuck on his first novel, Remnant, I bought him a copy and he finished his book in two weeks. I use it for everything from blog posts to formulating short stories, to organizing my research and writing novels. Scrivener has been essential for me to stay focused and I am constantly sending people over to them.

Second, I really do hate selling stuff. ha I do shows to interact with people, to learn what’s people like, to meet the people who follow my work – apparently more than 1,182 of you, still digesting – and if I make sales in the process, I consider it bonus.

What’s of “Value”

Most of my life I’ve had a love-hate relationship with money. I think we all do. It’s a necessary evil since the world doesn’t work on barter, but people value their worth by it which simply isn’t true. My worth or value isn’t based on the money I have or can make, not even by what I can do for others since I can’t always. My worth and value are measured by how I treat people.

Live kindness, Practice gratitude.

Thank you for being here. Thank you if you are one of those 1,182 people subscribed to this blog by email. Thank you if you follow me on Patreon, with or without a pledge.

You mean a lot to me.

“What we leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

– Pericles
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