A fairy woke me.

A fairy woke me this morning, seriously. She had curly light brown almost reddish hair, mussed as though she had been sleeping in a nearby flower. Her wings were lime green with pink iridescent glittery patterns and they flapped, though not very well, from their perch on her back. She wore a long shirt with butterfly filigree on it, whispy designs trailing all over the front, and grey pants with socks. It was cold in the house despite the heater so a fairy has to keep warm somehow.


“Yes baby girl?” Cat-like stretching ensues.

“Can I watch Tinkerbell while you make me breakfast?”

“Yes baby, come here.”

The fairy climbs up in bed and uses mommy like a giant body pillow. It is customary in my house to tackle me awake I think; they must have all discussed it in a meeting I missed somehow, normally I call the meetings. The fairy scaled my bed, careful not to take my eye out with a stray wing, and climbed up to lay along my side like a cat on a windowsill. Big body hugs are her specialty at this size and I always rock her back and forth, gently loving on her hair and cheek, before dumping her off on the other side to listen to her giggle. That’s 63 pounds of wriggly fairy, not including the wings.

Thus starts my day.

Any thought of lounging in bed for a few more moments is quickly dashed, even the most vivid dreams swept away by daily to do lists, schedules, and the world outside. For now though, I make a fairy breakfast of strawberry waffles with peanut butter and a yogurt, while thoughts of coffee quickly redirected to decaf chai swirl around in my still fogged head. Breakfast made, fairy happily watching Return to Neverland, I sit down at my computer, web coding before me, thoughts of the chai I still haven’t made tapping at my brain…

Guess I’ll get up and go make it.

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