Recent HAPPY’nings

Gratefully Appreciated Exposure

First, my Sushi Bar Review garnered a great deal of attention (read HUGE) and even made it into the Flickr ‘Interestingness’ section along with FIVE! of my other Flickr art posts.

Then, I got an email requesting permission to post my Moleskine Reporter “Tosca al Fresco” piece to Moleskinerie, one of my favorite haunts online. I was even complimented on it by another artist as being a perfect example for Danny Gregory’s The Creative License book. At the time, he didn’t know I didn’t have a copy yet (want one) or that I was on Danny’s YahooGroup, Everyday Matters. hehe I considered it a very flattering compliment.

THEN, if my head wasn’t already reeling from the kudos, Someone invited me to be a Featured Artist again and requested my Guan Yin with a bio/caption for Notebookism.

I don’t think I have had so much incentive to journal in my entire life. LOL :)

My Moleskine supplier, client and friend, Cheryl at Autumn Moon Paper, has been a big influence in my journaling. I have been doing demos for her site (that I recently built) and have been receiving the most wonderfully unique journals from her, as well as other supplies, including some gorgeous handmade papers. Experimenting with the different kinds of paper, getting more into a collage frame of mind, has been great fuel for my muse.

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