Blissfully Inspired.

One of the things that I was taught early on was that if you wanted to live a creative life on a daily basis, you had to surround yourself with things of beauty that inspire you. As I live my life online and off, the digital and the analog often carry over into each other.

As an illustrator, one who will never stop learning and always marvels at the creative world we live in, places like Flickr, Kickstarter, Swiss-Miss, Pinterest, and Etsy have become places that feed my soul. Being an avid gamer with a desire to work in the industry, I love exploring the ways gaming and play have impacted our lives and how it can be used for education.

When I can, I enjoy backing other creatives with Kickstarter projects. Being almost ready to launch a campaign of my own, I appreciate the hard work and attention that goes into one of these (successful) campaigns. One of the ones I threw in ten bucks for (had to have the coloring book) was Ukiyo-e Heroes.

As a fan of Asian art, I am enthralled with Jed’s ingenious designs.

As a gamer, I think the project itself is brilliant and pays wonderful homage to the classic games that led us all down the rabbit hole.

As someone who aspires to lino-carve, I am in humble awe.

David Bull, the gentleman doing the hand-pulled woodcut prints for Ukiyo-e Heroes, has posted a process video of the creation of one of the proofs for the project. The detail of the woodblocks and the accuracy of the placement of the different layers of ink are beyond impressive. Enjoy.