Way too funny not to share!

I am still giggling about this one…

Val and I had gone out to lunch and a movie after dropping Ysa at mom’s for the day. Logan had to work and got home before we did so he spent part of the evening relaxing and surfing online, mostly eBay Motors. We get home and Logan has this really perplexed look on his face.

“Something is really wrong with your browser.”

“What?” I started to panic since I had a couple problems with Firefox crashing on me, NOT because of Firefox (I swear by it) but because I had too many things running on my pc and I’d tried opening .pdf files on sites that bogged it.

“Nothing is in English! I can’t read anything on any of these sites, not even eBay.”

Totally perplexed I looked over his shoulder and busted out giggling. I told him to right click on a page and turn off “View Bork text”. He didn’t know I’d installed it a long time ago and somehow accidently turned it on so he’d been reading Swedish Chef-speak all night. Thankfully he laughed about it. :)

Gotta buy a new charger for my cel phone. hehe

Translation: (Swedish Chef-speak)

Vey tuu foonny nut tu shere-a!
Junooery 9t, 2006

I em still geeggling ebooot thees oone-a???????

Fel und I hed gune-a oooot tu loonch und a mufeee-a effter druppeeng Ysa et mum????????s fur zee dey. Lugun hed tu vurk und gut hume-a beffure-a ve-a deed su he-a spent pert ooff zee ifeneeng relexeeng und soorffeeng oonleene-a, mustly iBey Muturs. Ve-a get hume-a und Lugun hes thees reelly perplexed luuk oon hees fece-a.

???????Sumetheeng is reelly vrung veet yuoor brooser.???????

???????Vhet???????? I sterted tu puneec seence-a I hed a cuoople-a prublems veet Fureffux cresheeng oon me-a, NOT becoose-a ooff Fureffux (I sveer by it) boot becoose-a I hed tuu muny theengs roonneeng oon my pc und I????????d treeed oopeneeng .pdff feeles oon seetes thet bogged it.

???????Nutheeng is in Ingleesh! I cun????????t reed unytheeng oon uny ooff zeese-a seetes, nut ifee iBey.???????

Tutelly perplexed I luuked oofer hees shuoolder und boosted oooot geeggling. I tuld heem tu reeght cleeck oon a pege-a und toorn ooffff ???????Feeoo Bork text???????. He-a deedn????????t knoo I????????d instelled it a lung time-a egu und sumehoo ecceedently toorned it oon su he-a????????d beee reedeeng Svedeesh Cheff-speek ell neeght. Thunkffoolly he-a looghed ebooot it. :)

Gutta booy a noo cherger fur my cel phune-a. hehe-a

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