Honorary Insomniac

:::sings::: Lethargy
I’m so tired now that I can’t see
Paranoid, think someone’s following me
Oh Lethargy, it’s sleep I need…

Ok, so it is 2:15pm. Just got home from being kidnapped by the rest of my family for breakfast after a quick stop at the framers. Ran in Barnes to pick up my new book and a couple magazines, Office Depot to buy paper for the Art for Cures flyers for tonight…I don’t remember getting out of the car. Just thankful I wasn’t driving. I was on the phone at 4:30am, sending a completed PDF file at 5am and spray coating nine canvases in my garage in 27 degree weather (I know, waah, most of you would kill for 27 right now, right Jennifer? hehe) and finally got in bed around, oh, 6am. I woke to the sound of my daughter telling Logan, “No! Don’t wake her…” at 9:30pm as she tried to keep him from doing revelry (not knowing, in his defense, that I had been up that late). Yup, I am the walking dead…

Ysa has been sick so my focus has been her till the guys were off work yesterday and I could relax. Of course my definition this week of relaxing is painting five canvases in one day and designing a program for the show tonight. I have been fighting off whatever Ysa has and pushing the envelope on freelancing as much as I can these last few weeks; I have already given the family warning as to what will happen if I am woken up on Sunday. It will not be pretty. :::Cheshire cat grin:::

Funny how your body shuts you down when you don’t listen to it.

Canvases done and at the framers for hanging kits (thank you Cindy!). I am printing my greeting cards and Art for Cures fliers for tonight. I am donating two canvases for the silent auction and will be exhibiting seven others as well as displaying my cards and promotional wares on my table. I’ll try to take photos but will be interested to see how long I am vertical.

After the show, unless caffeine is involved, all bets are off…

Oh yea, quit drinking coffee on the 31st of December. It doesn’t even taste right now which helps the craving but my soda intake is going up so I have to reign in. Had to quit; coffee makes your Lymphatic system sluggish. Not the caffeine, the coffee itself so decaf doesn’t help. My whole system is already blocked so coffee just makes me O_O like the StayPuff Marshmallow Man.

Ok, more Sunday when I am not so brain dead, lots to share including photos. :)

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