ARRR Mateys!

Happy National Talk Like a Pirate Day to all ye swabs! Ok, ok so it’s not a recognized National Holiday but ARRR it should be. hehe

Got an email on one of the artistamp lists I am on and had no choice to give in to the creative side. Ysa jumps at any chance to play dress up. Her father got her the seahorse at the flea market Saturday so it was only fitting. The Lego pirate ship was also a daddy gift (though I suspect he got it so he could put it together too hehe) as well as the old Might & Magic handkerchief she absconded from him.

Yup, she makes a great pirate. hehe Now if we can just get her to stop holding the goldfish crackers hostage we’ll be ok…

Ysa having a bit of fun as her fave character. Hmm, Samhain is coming up...

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