NEW logo!

After a great deal of thought, I finally decided that my fire angel needed to retire. Original sketched as part of an Elemental Goddess series, my fire angel has been outgrown and I have decided to update my appearance. The new logo is my actual signature for my products and, therefore, made more sense.

My original logo, after taking the name The Renaissance Chameleon, had been a chameleon but I received too many phone calls from people wanting to buy lizards. I took on the fire angel because she, in a way, summed me up at the time. To me, she stood for a rebirth of ideas, a renewal of creativity. She was me as a phoenix.

Last year I decided to update her to reflect the newly launched website but felt…neutered, in a way. I’m not sure how to describe it but I had been waiting for something else, I knew she wouldn’t be permanent.

The redesign will be retired completely or be recycled and my original fire angel will go back to her intended use. Like an old friend, we will see her again soon. :)


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